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Hampton Square Wealth Management

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Hampton Square Wealth Management

Meet Scott MacKenzie & Jim Stark

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Partnering With You

Together, Scott and Jim have over 50 years experience in financial services. 

In their words:

We serve people across the wealth spectrum: individuals, families, and business owners.

We offer a Moral Audit to determine whether your investments reflect your values and beliefs.  

We have a “deep bench” of legal, operations, and accounting experts with whom we work to help clients holistically address their needs and goals.

We offer planning services to help clients analyze their entire financial position. Then we partner with them in designing a roadmap to financial freedom. 

We believe that retirement income planning is an important component of any financial plan.

We encourage our clients to find real financial contentment, so that they are freed to live richer and more rewarding lives, to be more generous, and to impact  the world for good. 

Hampton Square Wealth Management is armed with a deep understanding of financial planning for all stages of life and life's many turning points. We couple this experience with relevant, personalized advice to help you work towards what matters most.

Your financial goals are unique to you. Take the first step towards making them a reality.