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Impact Investing

Last year, Scott and Jan witnessed the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. How exciting to be just a few feet away from that famous bell! And to see the prominent financial commentators on their sets, along with the traders on the floor where millions of shares change hands every day.

They were guests of Inspire, who were celebrating the roll-out of two new ETFs (exchange-traded funds). What makes Inspire so different is that they offer only BRI (Biblically Responsible Investing) options and give a significant portion of their profits to Christian ministries. Scott and Jan met some of Inspire's partners from Samaritan’s Purse, WorldHelp, and International Justice Mission. All were moved by the bold witness and enthusiasm of Robert Netzly, Inspire’s CEO, as he gave all the credit to God. Hampton Square looks forward to working with these remarkable people as they seek to further God’s kingdom.

As you think about your stewardship of the money God has entrusted to you, do you consider how your investments are placed? Do you examine the ethics and practices of each company in which you are a part-owner?


Give us a call. We’d like to share with you the possibilities of “Impact Investing.” 


Jan MacKenzie, MBA, MA,

Director of Client Services

Scott & Jan celebrating Inspire's ETF roll out at the NYSE

Inspire offers a different perspective on investing