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Do My Investments Reflect My Values?

Do You Know Where Your Money’s Really Invested? You May Be Surprised!

You’ve been a prudent investor. You have money saved in a 401(k), an IRA, mutual funds, ETFs and other investments. But are the companies held in those funds profiting from manufacturing abortion drugs, selling pornography, using slave labor in their supply chains? Are they donating money to Planned Parenthood? Lobbying to advance the LGBT agenda? How would you know?

How do you go about finding out what the moral value of your portfolio is? Through the resources of Inspire Investing, we can provide a MORAL AUDIT of your investments. Inspire uses robust analytic technology to plug in your investment ticker symbols and produce easy to understand reports that show you everything you ever wanted to know (and everything you NEVER wanted to know) about the moral issues in your portfolio.

Are you ready to discover the truth about your investments? Request a MORAL AUDIT and see for yourself what is going on behind closed doors in your portfolio.

Not every Christian financial advisor is trained or equipped in biblically responsible investing, so do not just assume because your advisor is a Christian that they are managing your investments according to biblical values. Many Christian advisors, just like Christian investors, still have no idea that there is a major moral dilemma present in the portfolios they manage. At Hampton Square Wealth Management, we want you to know for sure where your money is really invested.

For a complimentary report detailing the positive and negative impact of your current portfolio, go to the Contact Us page. We will work with you to provide a MORAL AUDIT without obligation.