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Why Are You Buying Black Boxes?

Would you go to a store and ask for a black box?

“Oh, this one’s good,” says the associate. “People like this one. It gets better with age.  It’s very popular!”

“Okay,” you say, “I’ll take it.” You pay for the black box and walk out of the store.

Really? That’s absurd. No one does that.

But that IS what people do, every day, when they buy mutual funds. They don’t know what’s inside, they may not even understand what a mutual fund is, but someone said it’s popular, it’ll grow in value, and they bought it.

When you buy into a mutual fund, you become an owner of the companies inside. Many of those companies make great products, do good things for society.


What if some of those companies are harming society, maybe not here in the US, but in poor countries around the world? What if some companies are pushing cartons of cigarettes onto adolescent children, because they know those children will grow into adulthood, forever addicted to their products?

Would you want to own a company like that?

 If you have mutual funds, you probably do.

At Hampton Square, we offer diversified, actively managed investment opportunities. Our experienced money managers seek out individual companies that benefit society. They understand your values and your desire to be a faithful steward. They offer transparency, not black boxes.

Email or call today to explore a different kind of investing, one that shares your values and your heart for doing good.

One that isn't a black box.

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