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Hampton Square Wealth Management

Hampton Square Wealth Management

CEO, Wealth Advisor

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Do you settle for average when it comes to managing your money?

We know you have choices.  That’s why you should know what makes us different, what sets us apart.

First, we’re independent and small enough to take time for you. We choose not to be part of a big box firm that treats you like one more number and drops your money in a set-it-and-forget-it investment.

We take time to know who you are, what it took to earn and save your money, and how you want your life to look moving forward. We ask:

  • What’s the money for?
  • What’s unique about you, and how can we help you design an investment approach and long-term plan that works for you?
  • What are your values? Who is important in your life? What are your charitable passions?

Second, our team is blessed to have two Certified Financial Planners (CPF®) and two Kingdom Advisors (KA®).  We understand life’s ages and stages because we represent most of them.  Every client has a team keeping track of their records, their appointments, and their follow-up.

Third, we have a DEEP BENCH. Our Registered Investment Adviser, OneAscent Financial Services, LLC, provides portfolio management, research, insights, and oversight to ensure that we ALWAYS, ALWAYS strive to provide advice in YOUR best interest (that’s what it means to be a fiduciary).

Fourth, we are one of the few advisory firms in the Northeast offering values-aligned portfolios. Are you sure your money doesn’t help to fund  addictive behaviors like gambling, pornography, tobacco? On the flip side, are you purposefully investing to elevate corporations that benefit society with their products or philanthropy? We can help with that.

Fifth and last, we grow with you. As your assets grow, we explore other solutions to match your long-term goals. As your stages in life change, we ask questions that you may not be asking yourself. 

We're Financial Advisors who have your best interest top-of-mind and offer the personal service you need to manage more than your money.

 You're not average.

Why settle for a future that is?