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What's Unique About Hampton Square?

We Ask Questions Other Advisers Don't Ask

What's your attitude towards money?

  • Fear? Do the "what ifs" keep you awake at night? Are you often worrying about losing your job, your health, your investments?
  • Happiness? Is money a tool to spend time with family and friends, to make life more comfortable, to access more "experiences"?
  • Commitment? Are you supporting causes you're passionate about? Do others depend on you for support?

These are some of the issues we discuss with you, without pressure or judgment, because these attitudes inform your goals and aspirations. 

We can best serve you when we really understand you.

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We Talk About Values

Everybody has values.

Most people try to live by those values, in whatever way they know that they can.

But most people don't even think about investing according to their values, because they don't know what's possible.

We offer values-aligned portfolios, managed by sector-specific money managers, who work hard to exceed the benchmarks of their sectors.

There is a different way.

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