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What We Don't Do

Sometimes it’s easier to talk about what we do at Hampton Square by starting with what we DON’T do.

Here's a short list:

1. Ignore your spouse
 Any decent advisor should understand that they serve the interests of both spouses equally. 

At Hampton Square, we ask partners to come in together and express their goals individually AND as a couple. We ask lots of questions and try to REALLY listen. We want our clients to be on the same page as we move forward.

2.Talk down to you 
Some advisors talk down to you or make you feel less intelligent. They use financial jargon and acronyms that most people aren’t familiar with.

At Hampton Square, we want you to be able to understand and explain, in your own words, what you have and why you have it in your investment portfolio.

 3. Offer only limited solutions for your financial needs
Some advisors work for big-name firms that dictate what investment opportunities they can, and cannot, offer to clients. When you work with these advisors, you’re really a client of the bank or financial institution, and your choices are limited.

At Hampton Square, we offer a range of choices because we’re INDEPENDENT. We are constantly educating ourselves to find the best and most appropriate financial strategies for our clients. 

 4. Put our interests before yours
 You need to understand how your advisor is compensated and be clear on whether this results in conflicts of interest. You want to know that your advisor isn’t just pushing his or her company’s proprietary products, but that he or she is suggesting only what’s in YOUR best interest from a broad range of choices.

By the end of your first appointment, you will know what services we offer and how we get paid.

5.  Just tell you what you want to hear
Some advisors are just “yes men.” Yes, it’s the client’s money, and they can do with it as they wish. But then, why have an advisor?

We speak our mind. We help clients set realistic expectations. We encourage diversification to mitigate volatility in the markets.

We will never tell a client what they want to hear just to keep earning fees or commissions from them.

6. Ignore you once you've become a client
We have designed our structure with a team approach. In addition to an advisor, each client will be assigned a Relationship Manager, who monitors their appointments and processes.

We have access to world-class, experienced money managers, who watch segments of the markets as they seek to optimize our clients' investments. We take seriously our fiduciary responsibility.