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Fake Bank Scam Alert

Fake Bank Scam Alert

January 17, 2024

Our friend's daughter was recently the victim of a fake bank scam.

She was frazzled and hurrying to make her plane, the caller ID displayed the name of her bank, and the caller convinced her that there had been a breach and she needed to act quickly. 

In a very short time, this young lady's accounts were drained, and she was devastated. How could a well-educated professional fall for that?

It's surprisingly easy to fall prey to fake bank scams, which victimize millions of people every year through persuasive emails, texts, and phone calls. 

Last year, the American Bankers Association initiated a campaign called "Banks Never Ask That!," which offers tips for recognizing scams and steps to take if you've fallen victim to one.  The FDIC also issued helpful advice in their October 2023 FDIC Consumer News.

Take time to read and share these resources with those you love. You may be saving them from a fake bank scam nightmare.