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What An Honor

What An Honor

October 16, 2017

Recently, Jan and I met with Ron Blue, Christian speaker, financial planner, advisor, and author of nine books on finances, including Generous Living, Master Your Money, and God Owns it All.  Since retiring from his namesake financial practice, which now has over $7 Billion in assets under management, Ron has worked with Christian Financial Advisors, like us, to bring a Biblical perspective to the financial planning world.

We attended a luncheon at Nyack College, which is establishing the Ron Blue Institute Center on its Rockland County, NY campus. Through rigorous coursework from a biblical perspective, graduates will be trained to see finances and stewardship with new eyes and hearts.

 It was truly an honor to meet with a man who has dedicated his life to living and teaching how our use and stewardship of money reflects our hearts, and how we can find true freedom from its control over our lives. He was pleased to hear that we had facilitated the teaching of his study, God Owns in All at local churches.  We shared with him the impact we had seen in our own lives and in the lives of others.

If you or someone you know would like to know more about managing your finances from a proven perspective, please call us.